Today Masses is an online socialist publication focusing on continuing the revolutionary discourse that began with Karl Marx and gave birth to the first ‘Red Century’. We believe in applying Marxist theory to today’s world, building on the experiences of those who came before us while rejecting the dogmas that hold the left back.

We are interested in (but not limited to) articles involving:

  • Articles from activists of existing Marxist parties and other social movements and on the Left concerning current political struggles.
  • Today’s capitalism. The contemporary working class and today’s class struggle.
  • Theories on the “precariat”. 
  • Articles on Socialism for the 21st Century, the 2nd Product of Labor, the Capitalist “Inversion”, or the Theory of Need in Marxism.
  • Analysis/Critiques of modern social movements of any ideological background
  • The role of the modern “vanguard party”. New possibilities for social movement organizing. The role of emerging technologies in today’s movements. Social Movements and the bourgeois media.
  • Ideology. Hegemony and the Subaltern. Critiques of postmodernism and other bourgeois ideologies. 
  • Articles concerning struggles for national liberation. Imperialism and Anti-Imperialist struggles.
  • Possibilities for socialism in the core of the capitalist system.
  • Modern theories of ‘Late-Capitalism’. Critiques of the modern ‘Culture Industry’.


We are not interested in (but not limited to) articles involving:

  • Rehashing old historical debates between long-dead communists over who was right or wrong. Sectarian articles on “the real” Luxemburg, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, etc. or historical posts on “what really happened”. General historical posts without ties to today’s world.
  • Any form of hate speech, sexism, racism, classism, national chauvinism, discrimination on the basis of one’s sexual orientation or religion, or calls to violence.

We can publish both original articles or republications from personal blogs or other sites (assuming the original article is cited). Any article you choose to publish with us can be republished elsewhere at your choosing. We will not publish any copyrighted material. If you are interested in contributing, please contact us at:  todaysmasses [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you for your interest in Today’s Masses!